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As a CASA Certified Remote Pilot Licence holder you can step into a career in construction, photography, surveying, media, cinematography, search and rescue, environmental sciences, mining, agriculture, health and safety, technology, data acquisition, aerospace and of course aviation.

CASA Certified Remote Pilot's Licence (RePL) Drone Training Sub 7KG

This program is aimed at every one from students to recreational users of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) and professionals seeking to gain the skills necessary to integrate drone operations into their existing work practices to people seeking a change of career or seeking an entry point to this new and rapidly growing industry.

Our CASA Certified Remote Pilot's Licence (RePL) Drone Training Courses are currently the ONLY RePL Training Courses Certified to the revised CASA regulations (MOS 2019), ensuring that learners have the very latest information and training materials ensuring they never have to resit modules once they successfully complete their theory and practical training modules with us.

Training consists of a number of interactive, on-line modules, in addition to three days face to face training with one of our expert instructors to learn practical flight skills and to prepare you for your theory and practical assessements.

Remote Aviation Foundation Course (RAF)

Build your Drone Pilot capability to step into a career in construction, photography, land management, environmental health, custodianship, surveying, media, cinematography, search & rescue, environmental sciences, mining, agriculture, health & safety, technology, data acquisition, aerospace, and of course aviation.

This program delivers a balance of hands on and theoretical learning and provides a foundation to progress towards a CASA Certified Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) and Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC)

Students will study a wide range of aeronautical, risk management and operational topics, giving students practical experience in everything from preparing Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) for flight to understanding how to safely execute missions.

Students who successfully complete the foundation sills course will have an opportunity to progress towards their Remote Pilot’s Licence* (RePL).

Education Programs

Second and Third Level Drone Education Programs

Partnering with education providers for both second and third level programs, we can develop interactive learning programs that compliment learning outcomes either as part of existing curriculum (electives) or as stand alone lessons. 

We partner with leading Schools and Universities and we also support research and engineering projects that drive the evolution of this exciting industry.

We partner with secondary education providers to demonstrate the practical applications of these new technologies and to help stimulate interest in their STEM programs for under graduate and post graduate students.


Our Industry Partners

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS)
Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)
Air Services Australia
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