Agriculture & Environment

Providing highly effective, environmentally conscious and cost effective solutions for agricultural and environmental spraying and fertilisation, with significant improvements for human efficiency, safety and environmental impacts.

Crop Health & Yield

Providing growers with highly efficient, cost effective solutions for crop health and yield analytics supporting accurate, early estimations using industry leading infra-red, multispectrum and NDVI sensors and imagery supported by academic research and industry insights.

With the integration of highly accurate sensors onto remote aerial platforms now well developed, there are significant benefits for growers seeking to maximise yields and to develop data led insights to optimise their crop health and yields.

Remote Aerial Spraying

As one of the few multi state licence holders for Remote Aerial Spraying we have seen a significant uplift in the adoption of this new capability for the application of pesticides and herbicides and also for the management of invasive flora and fauna, particularly in difficult to reach and environmentally sensitive areas.

We have seen excellent results in the management of woody weeds, such as blackberry and have also had excellent results where the accurate delivery of low volumes of product is required. We have also noted the significant reduction in risk profiles for operations in respect to environmental and human impacts, when compared to traditional manned aircraft or ground based application methods.

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Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS)
Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)
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