SUAS ROV is Australia's leading Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) Drone Training and Consultancy Provider


We offer state of the art Remote Pilot Licence (RePL) Training delivered via our Learning Management System and Apple and Android Applications, enabling learners to access bite sized lessons, where-ever and when-ever they choose, supported by face to face practical training, exam preparation and tutorials.

Suas Rov is the ONLY organisation currently certified by CASA to provide lecture style training to third level learners free from headcount restrictions.

Our Remote Pilot Licence Training Courses (RePL) were the first courses Certified by CASA that meet the revised regulations (MOS 2019), ensuring that our learners receive the very latest information free from the risk of having to retake modules or resit exams in the future.

Our highly interactive learning modules, have been developed to University standards, no powerpoint, no endless videos of instructors 'droning' on, no outdated text books, just clear, simple to understand and easily consumed lessons supported by expert instructors, so no matter what your personal learning style is, we are certain you will enjoy the Suas Rov learning experience.


Our Team

Cinque Terre

Joseph McMahon

Program Director

Committed to growing the Remote Aviation Industry by delivering best in class training and innovative industry projects.

Cinque Terre

Siobhan Sleater

Head of e-Learning

Siobhan is passionate about building high performing teams who deliver best in class customer experiences.

Cinque Terre

Ross Brown

Senior RPAS Instructor

Ross is passionate about the capture of data and information through RPAS techniques. Ross's specialist areas are Training & GIS .

Cinque Terre

Amymae McMahon

RPAS Trainee Executive Assistant

Amymae is passionate about delivering great customer experiences.


Our Industry Partners

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Australian Association for Unmanned Systems (AAUS)
Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)
Air Services Australia

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