We offer on-site tuition and guidance, allowing students and educators to develop their knowledge and expertise, as part of their existing education programs, without the need for significant capital expenditure.

Industrial Inspection & Reporting

Suas Rov offers a wide range of Remotely Operated Aircraft capabilities for industry including industrial inspection, capital works inspection and progress reporting, risk assessment, stockpile estimates, environment management including recycling stockpile thermal inspection, infrastructure planning, construction progress and inspection and survey utilising high quality 4K video, X30 Zoom and Radiometry (infra-red) coupled to multiple software solutions that offer clients an unrivalled capability.

Our highly experienced data acquisition lead has over 25 years of industry experience and has led global data programs for some of the world’s largest companies.

We are also passionate about removing humans from areas of risk and can work with you to help develop your capabilities and understanding of best practices for Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) operations and the integration of these capabilities into your existing workflows to help maximise benefits to your bottom line while ensuring the safety of your workforce.

Solutions for Local Government

The rapid growth in drone technologies has presented local government with significant opportunities and challenges. With the regulation of airspace controlled by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and many misconceptions remaining on what can be flown by whom and where, the early tendancy for many local authorities was to limit the areas where remote aircraft could be flown, often in contradiction of the aviation regulations. More recently, enlightened local authorities have adopted the CASA regulations and now defer to CASA for regulatory guidance.

The opportunities for local government and civil authorities are significant, the benefits for public order, planning and build permits, monitoring illegal dumping, environmental management (including canopy coverage and inspection), weed management, promotion of local events, capital works inspection, infrastructure inspection, policing and security are obvious.

Our expert team can help local authorities to develop their own drone capabilities and to develop best practice procedures for the safe execution of Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) missions aligned to current work flows and policies.


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Solutions for First Responders

The rapid growth in drone capabilities, both aerial and terrestrial, provides significant opportunities for first responders to accurately risk assess situations and to limit the potential risks to first responders.

The development of high quality sensors, aligned to aerial and ground based vehicles provides data acquisitions opportunites across a wide range of scenarios.

Whether you wish to leverage our capabilities or to develop your own in-house drone programs, we can provide training and solutions to meet your requirements and accellorate your outcomes.


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Our Industry Partners

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